Let The Sun Shine In – The Role Of Skylights In Commercial Applications

by Anonymouson SkylightDecember 16th3,396 comments

Commercial locations no longer need to be bound to hallways filled with buzzing fluorescent lights or overly-bright incandescent bulbs that remove any sense of personality or aesthetic from a work or public space due to advancements made in the industry of commercial skylights.

One of the simple facts of Canadian living is that darkness comes early, especially in winter. For many companies, this has led to the notion that commercial skylights and natural daylighting are not a viable idea for the long term. Further, factors such as a high cost for installation and a lack of options for lighting solutions led businesses to continue using their tried and true luminary choices.

Now, because of options like glass or acrylic-glazed skylights that can be custom-flashed and come with options such as roof hatching or venting, Canadian companies have an opportunity to not only improve the quality of light in their workspace, but also increase productivity while saving energy.

Advantages of commercial skylights begin at the worker level with the benefits of natural light. Vitamin D that is contained in sunlight and the distinct lighting profile that sun adds to a business can dramatically increase the productivity in a workplace. Further, it can reduce the feeling that employees have of being trapped in a workspace for long hours of the day.

Glass skylights also help a company in a number of other areas as well, the first being a savings on energy costs. Properly and aesthetically installed skylights and sun tunnels can create a well-lit area that will require virtually no other lighting during the day. This can help to minimize energy use throughout the day and offset a company’s overall energy expenditure. With high-quality glazed glass skylights, Toronto businesses can avoid issues such as glare and on terminal screens or excessive heat from summer sunlight, and benefit instead from energy-efficiency that industrial skylights bring.

Along with that, energy savings can some a significant cost savings. Natural daylighting using commercial skylights will have an initial cost for purchase and installation, but this occurs only once. A sustained reduction in a company’s energy bill can mean a substantial savings over the long term, coupled with an office building that both employees and visitors alike will be more comfortable in for extended periods.

The decision to include commercial skylights in a business should not be made lightly, and there are a number of factors that any Canadian company should consider before choosing to enter the world of natural light. The first is to seek out a company that not only has a track record for professional service and installation of commercial skylights, but that knows the challenges facing Canadian businesses when it comes to both temperature and daylight hours available.

Next, a company would do well to consider the focus of the natural daylighting company they contact. Residential skylights and commercial skylights do have a number of similarities, but their installation and maintenance must be handled very differently. A company choosing to make the switch to commercial skylights should seek out a provider that has not only a wide selection of acrylic and glass skylights, but one that knows the industrial and institutional skylight market well enough to offer multiple skylight solutions.

From increased worker productivity to overall aesthetic look and cost-savings, commercial skylights can be a viable and effective option for any Canadian company seeking to lighten the atmosphere in the workplace.

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